Financial Professionals Mentor Program

The Financial Architect® Fifth Dimension Program

Ready to be equipped with a financial foundation that will assist your child (or you) in transforming our communities? The top basic reasons why communities of color are reluctant to explore wealth strategies, quite simply….we do not talk about money and most wealth managers do not “look” like us.

EMPOWERMENT is My MISSION: My goal is to educate young individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve financial knowledge, confidence, independence and make informed financial decisions. By providing personalized mentorship, valuable resources, and practical knowledge, the program aims to equip youth with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of personal finance and build a solid foundation for their financial future. The Financial Architect® Fifth Dimension Program is designed to groom youth to careers as Financial Consultants, particularly “financial advisors”.

1. Financial Education:

The primary goal of the program is to provide comprehensive financial education to participating youth. This includes not only teaching them about budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, understanding credit, and other essential financial concepts, but also wealth building and Financial Freedom.

2. Long-Term Financial Planning:

The program aims to instill the importance of long-term financial planning in youth. Mentors will assist mentees in creating personalized financial plans that align with their aspirations, whether it's saving for higher education, starting a business, or homeownership.

3. Developing Smart Spending Habits:

Educating youth about responsible spending is a crucial aspect of the program. By promoting smart spending habits and teaching them to differentiate between needs and wants, the program can help prevent excessive debt and financial stress.

4. Savings and Investment Strategies:

The program will educate youth on various savings and investment options, such as opening a savings account, investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. The goal is to encourage them to start early and take advantage of compounding to build wealth over time.

5. Financial Decision-Making Skills:

Youth will be taught critical financial decision-making skills to evaluate financial products, understand contracts, and make informed choices about financial services, such as loans and credit cards.

6. Life Skills Development:

The program will not only focus on financial knowledge but also emphasize essential life skills like problem-solving, communication, and goal-setting, which are valuable for personal and professional growth.

7. Community Impact:

The program aspires to have a positive impact on the wider community. As youth participants become financially empowered, they can serve as role models and share their knowledge with others, creating a ripple effect of financial literacy and responsible financial behavior.